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Current Quote: "It's 5PM in Louisiana...Do you know where your house is?  -Katrina '05."

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Hurricanes and Practicality:

Hurricanes suck.

No, I mean, they really, REALLY suck.

Somewhere close to 2000 people dead, or just under somewhere. Tens of thousands of homes destroyed, HUNDREDS of thousands of people displaced, not to mention all of the jobs and revenue they represent. Oh, yeah, they suck.

I figure, hey--you can cry about this crap, or you can laugh about it. Me, I'm not one for crying all that much, although I've been known to do it on occasion, as it warrants. But given a choice? Oh no, give me laughter. That's why I chose to laugh. Oh, and also try to make a little coin on the side. I opened a store and I sell T-shirts; most Katrina inspired, some not. I'm going to add more, and more types as time moves on.

Check it out. Buy something. Feed my kids.

 God bless, and Blessed Be.



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